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Search Engine Optimization

Is your website struggling on Google search results? We can help you step on the gas and get your website to the top 20 results, so more of your potential customers visit your site. Grow your business in India through our targeted SEO strategy.

Social Media Marketing

SEO is no longer just about Google, Yahoo and Bing. Social networks now play a big role in generating brand awareness for your business. Beef up your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn with our social media marketing service.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Our pay per click campaign will help you leap ahead of other Indian competitors and get more incoming traffic to your website. Our service helps you launch a campaign for targeted ads that will generate much more revenue per click than average.

Brand Reputation Management

In a world where word about your company’s good or bad can reach millions of people in a matter of minutes, managing your reputation is paramount. Promote positive reviews of your business and bury negative ones with our online brand reputation management.

Link Building

Traditional link building methods don’t work well anymore. We employ modern techniques including high quality guest blogging and social media to build one way links to your site to improve your search engine rankings. Our service is optimized to give you results.


SR eConsulting is one of the premier service providers for SEO in India and we have been working in the industry for more than 10 years. No matter where you stand right now with respect to your online presence, we take it to the next level and ensure that your website grabs as many eyeballs as possible.
SEO is a complex process and it involves a number of strategies that need to be applied in tandem to produce results. We take the complexity out of it for you and handle the tedious components of the process.
As an SEO services company, we perform broadly two types of optimizations for search engines – on site and off site.
On site optimization
This refers to all the tweaks that we apply to your website so that it is friendlier to search engines and they can easily find you.
• Clean up your website’s structure, so that search engines can crawl through it more efficiently
• Research on keywords for your business and use them strategically on your site so search engines can find them and increase rankings
• Optimize your links so that they have proper structure and have all the relevant tags added to them. This makes them more visible to search engines
Off-site optimization
We employ a number of strategies in order to increase your overall presence online using a number of different platforms. Here is what you can do with our SEO service India:
• Increase the number of one way links to your website, so search engines notice you more often
• Launch a streamlined PPC campaign that will increase your brand awareness tremendously
• Optimize your profile on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google, so you get more visibility
At SR eConsulting, we bring various disparate SEO strategies together and come up with a single coherent strategy that will ensure that your website reaches the top two pages for all major search engines. Contact us right away to design a plan to grow your business online. Unlike other SEO companies in India, we always rely on doing things smartly and effectively for our esteemed list of clienteles.

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