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It has been proven that about 95% of your customers come to know about you through search engines. When they type in certain words on Google or Yahoo, they are shown a list of links with small descriptions. They usually find what they want in the first 10 results, and you want your website to be among those 10. As an SEO services consultant company, this is exactly what we help you achieve at SR eConsulting.

SEO is like a very big engine with lots of gears, some small and others large. We help you finetune your website and other web properties so that search engines can find you easily. We keep track of how search engines rank websites and help you meet those requirements through a number of strategies and SEO techniques.

When businesses don’t understand why their search engine optimization efforts aren’t bringing results, they come to us. We help companies understand SEO better and what needs to be done to reach the first 10 or 20 results in SERP’s. Over the years, we have become a top SEO consultant in India and have served more than a hundred businesses.

If your website has suddenly dropped from the first few results and get buried deep inside Google’s results, we can help you figure out why it happened and remedy the situation. We have built our expertise through careful analysis and step by step strategies that are guaranteed to bring results to our clients.

Not having your website on the first two pages of Google’s results means you lose potentially thousands of customers. Many companies have seen their business decline because of low search engine rankings. We have helped many of our clients turn the situation around and bring back the rankings and incoming traffic that they work hard to earn.

Contact SR econsulting and we will be happy to set up a free initial consultation. We can help you learn more about SEO and answer any questions that you have about our service and what kind of results we can bring for your website. We as an SEO consultant company, know that we can help you get the results you want.

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