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In the last five years, social networking has grown to unimaginable heights and marketing your business on this platform is as important as search engine optimization. SR eConsulting is a social media agency and we understand how social media works and how to optimize your marketing efforts, so that you can reach more potential customers and tell a more compelling story.

Why social media ?
Numerous studies about internet usage patterns have indicated that the top 70% of internet users spend more than 75% of their time online on social networks. It is easier for you to reach people through sites like Twitter, FaceBook and Google+ than through any other medium. These platforms give you a direct channel for you to communicate with people and reach out to them in a more personal manner.

Promoting your business on social media sites also means that you can take advantage of network effects. When someone visits your FaceBook page for example, and likes what they see, they share it with their friends and you automatically get more and more fans on the site. The same rings true for Twitter and Google+ as well.
We help you leverage top social media companies, so you can share your experiences with people and tell more about your products. People get closer to your products because you are communicating with them in a personal manner. What’s more, social media marketing directly leads to greater incoming traffic for your company website and you have greater potential for generating revenue.

What we do?
Our social media services at SR eConsulting can help you carve out an effective social media marketing strategy based on analytics and research. We help you increase your presence on all major social networks also including YouTube. We know what kind of content attracts more people and we help you make compelling social pages.

We make sure that your word reaches targeted audiences who are more likely to be interested in your business. The traffic that you get will thus be very specific and have a much better conversion rate than the average. As a social media company, we have helped many businesses reach their potential and we know we can help you too.

Contact SR eConsulting at your earliest to learn more about how we can help grow your business.


Following things are included in Facebook Fan Page Setup


• Creative Design/ Visual for Cover Page
- Cover Image
- Profile Image
• Creative for Welcome Screen Tab ( Landing Page)
• Feed and Creative Content Posting.
• PPC Campaign Management

TWITTER: Following things are included in Twitter Page Setup:

• Creative Design/ Visual
- Background Image
- Header Image
- Profile Image
• Daily Tweet Plan
• Creative Trends on Twitter

YOUTUBE: Video Optimisation for YouTube Video

• Channel/ Brand Page Setup on YouTube.
• Creative PPT and Video development
• Sharing Video On Social Network
• Converting Format of Videos into FLV/ Light Weight before it could be uploaded on YouTube.
• Converting Full length Video into Multiple tracks.

LINKEDIN: Following things are included in LinkedIn Business Page

• Creative Design/ Visual for Cover Page.
- Cover Image
- Profile Image
• Business Page Setup with Product Offerings
• Feed and Creative Content Posting.
• PPC Campaign Management

PINTEREST: Following things are included in Pinterest Business Board:

• Creative Design/ Visual for Pinterest Board.
• Feed and Creative Content Posting.

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